Need A Buddy, Be A Buddy

A Patient Support Advocate program that pairs patients with survivors.

Smiling woman talking to her friend in an outdoor cafe

The goal of the Patient Support Advocate program is to pair patients with survivors who have a similar cancer diagnosis. Often, many patients do not have an adequate support system or may choose to limit the “burden” they share with their loved ones, while some survivors would like to give back to other cancer patients. As a buddy, you share your own experience, give emotional support and encouragement, make yourself available by phone or to meet in person, and at times may attend doctor visits.

If you are a cancer patient looking for support or if you’re looking for perspective from someone who has been through a similar experience with cancer, this might be a beneficial program for you.

All applicants will be screened and matched on a variety of characteristics. Both Buddies attend an orientation session to understand our program guidelines & to optimize the benefits of this program.

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