What is a Multidisciplinary Practice?

Highlands Oncology is a multidisciplinary practice, with multiple specialists….  The treatment of cancer and blood disorders is complex and requires multidisciplinary involvement.

What is a Multidisciplinary Approach to Healthcare?

A multidisciplinary approach to healthcare is a comprehensive approach to a patient’s care that involves more than one specialty physician. In a multidisciplinary setting, physicians of different specialties come together to diagnose and treat patients.  Having multiple specialty physicians in one place at one time allows them to collaborate real-time and develop comprehensive, personalized patient plans.

What is the Benefit of a Multidisciplinary Approach?

Patients seen in the multidisciplinary setting benefit from the expertise of all specialists even if they are not see by all of them.  This is due to multidisciplinary conferences where physicians discuss each patient’s case and collaborate on the best plan for each patient.  This expedites accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

Why is this Important?

Multidisciplinary practices are important in the oncology setting because of the complexity and urgency of a patient’s case. Highlands Oncology is committed to providing the best care in the timeliest manner to ensure our patients receive the proper treatment for their individual diagnosis.

NWA Multidisciplinary Clinics

The Center For Chest Care

Breast Conference/Program

CARE Clinic (Cancer Assessment and Risk Education)


Gastrointestinal Conference

Genitourinary Conference

Pancreatic Conference

Head & Neck Conference