Lymphedema Management

Highlands Oncology Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists are proud to be the first providers in Arkansas to offer LymphaTech and Medi® vision technology to ensure better lymphedema treatment for our patients.

Lymphedema and Complete Decongestive Therapy

Sozo Digital Health Platform – SOZO provides a detailed and actionable understanding of any patient’s health status that goes well beyond height, weight, and BMI, all in a simple scan.

Cancer-related lymphedema most commonly occurs following the removal of lymph nodes during surgery. Or it may occur if a tumor is blocking the flow of lymphatic fluid to or from a lymph node region. Additionally, radiation therapy to lymph nodes or a region

of lymph nodes can increase the risk of lymphedema development. This type of lymphedema referred is referred to as secondary lymphedema. It may develop post-operatively or even weeks to years after their removal due to strain or injury to the limb, or even with normal everyday use. Lymphedema is a chronic condition that can potentially be reversed at a very early stage with close detection. At Highlands, we use the newest technology, SOZO, and MediVision, to assist us in identifying lymphedema sooner than may be done through traditional means of detection such as a tape measure.

Other causes of secondary lymphedema may be chronic venous insufficiency, trauma, or heart disease. Congenital lymphatic disruption or malformation are forms of primary lymphedema.

Lymphedema treatment is provided by Highlands Oncology therapists through a system of complete decongestive therapy (CDT). CDT involves education regarding skin care, exercise, manual lymphatic drainage, and compression bandaging (if indicated). Our therapists provide assessment, treatment, and fitting of compression wear.

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