CANOPY: A Platform Built for Care

CANOPY  (formerly Expain)

An intelligent treatment platform that assists oncology practices in delivering continuous care to each patient.

Canopy has three parts: 

1. A ticketing system that is used to document patient calls. 

Messages are organized by reason for the call, symptom, office location, and provider.  Canopy’s smart template guides the user through message entry.

Messages appear on the dashboard that can be filtered by the user’s scope of responsibility.

Tickets are time/date stamped for tracking

Reporting is also available

2. A triage platform that assists nursing in responding to and documenting symptom calls. 

Triage pathways provide a guide to address all of the patient’s issues.

Nurses follow this guided process and in doing so, are creating a nurse note that interfaces with the patient chart.

3. It is also a care management tool to follow patients in between their visits to the clinic.

Canopy allows for electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) about their symptoms, side effects, drug timing, etc. recorded on an electronic device

When patients are enrolled in Canopy, the patient & provider team, select the interval for the system to check in with them via email or text message.

Care management can help determine eligibility for programs such as CCM (Chronic Care Management)

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