COVID-19 Vaccination in Cancer Patients

Highlands Oncology now provides our patients the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to register for your vaccine.

Currently, the COVID-19 vaccine is recommended in patients with cancer to help reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19 if you do not have a contraindication.

  • Cancer patients are at high risk of infection with the COVID-19 virus:
    • Having cancer puts you at an increased risk for severe illness if infected with the COVID-19 virus. The potential for the seriousness of the infection and delay in cancer treatment can be harmful. All possible steps to reduce the risk of infection with COVID-19 should be considered, and the vaccine is an important tool for protection.
  • Current studies are ongoing to assess effectiveness and safety in patients with underlying medical conditions:
    • As we continue to learn more about the virus and the vaccine, the benefits of the vaccine strongly outweigh the risk. Some patients who have a weakened immune system could have a reduced response to the vaccine; however, the vaccine could still reduce the severity of illness if infected with COVID-19. It is important to continue to follow other measures to prevent infection.
  • After receiving the vaccine, continue to follow guidance on infection prevention:
    • Physical distancing, masks, sanitizers, and hygiene measures are important to continue to prevent infection in patients with cancer.
  • The timing of vaccination with regards to cancer therapy can vary:
    • Decisions on when to receive the vaccine can be discussed with your oncologist and made on an individual basis depending on the situation and current therapy.
  • Contraindications to receiving the COVID-19 vaccine include previous allergic reaction to a vaccine.

For current information on eligibility and vaccine locations:

The ADH website has the most current information regarding who is eligible for the vaccine:

The Arkansas Pharmacist Association has the most current information regarding vaccine locations: