LymphaTech and MediVision

Highlands Oncology Physical Therapists are proud to be the first providers in Arkansas to offer LymphaTech and Medi® vision technology to ensure better lymphedema treatment for our patients.

A new best practice to enable frequent, accurate measurement of limb volume and circumference.

LymphaTech provides fast, accurate, and reliable 3D imaging and measurement to monitor the progression of geometric changes of limbs.

LymphaTech technology can detect subtle changes in volume and circumference without the use of a tape measure.

True Measurements

LymphaTech’s system is 99% accurate compared to water displacement for volume and tape measure for circumference, validated through external clinical research with lymphedema patients.

Only 60 Seconds Per Scan

Measurements are easy and fast, allowing every patient to be scanned frequently. Less time spent measuring provides more time to deliver clinical treatment.

Highlands Physical Therapists combine both LymphaTech and Medi® vision technology to provide innovative and personalized care.

medi® vision

A Better Fitting Experience

This unique technology was created to make the garment fitting experience better for both patients and clinicians. A patient can now be scanned in just under a minute using only an iPad and the 3D camera attachment. Our trained physical therapists can simply “wand” the camera around the patient, gathering key measurement points. The rest of the work is done by medi® vision. A 3D image of the arms or legs is created with exact length and circumference measurements. This custom data is then entered directly into the digital measuring sheet where the order can be completed and delivered in less time than traditional methods.