What is PYLARIFY®?

PYLARIFY® is an advanced diagnostic imaging agent used with PET/CT scans to find tumors in the prostate, lymph nodes, bones, and other organs, typically better than other types of imaging scans.

How does PYLARIFY® work?

PYLARIFY® attaches to prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA), a protein found on the surface of most-more than 90%-prostate cancer cells. By targeting PSMA, PYLARIFY® can give your doctor a clear image and additional information on the location and the extent of the cancer.

PYLARIFY® helps create clearer images for your doctor

PYLARIFY® uses a radioactive tracer called fluorine-18, or 18F, which
helps create a clear and more detailed PET/CT scan image for your
doctor. A clearer image also provides improved insights, which can
lead to more informed treatment choices.


*Although a PET scan has some limitations when detecting microscopic metastases, it can detect smaller metastases compared to CT or MRI.
PSA <2 ng/mL.
CT=computed tomography; MRI=magnetic resonance imaging; NA=not applicable, can only detect cancer in bones; PET=positron emission tomography; PSA=prostate-specific antigen.